Friday, March 25, 2011

Victorian-esque Coat & Muff

I made this so I wouldn't freeze at the next Poe event!  (The lovely bonnet was made by Pamela Robles from )

I liked this coat from this 1848 plate, but couldn't find any suitable black wool as it was the wrong season.

I did find some plaid wool at Joann, and I had some fake fur on hand. I used the Butterick Victorian coat pattern, sort of. Due to fabric constrictions, I didn't use their sleeve, just did a sort of T tunic sleeve, only with a seam across the shoulders. I lined it in the black dupioni and interlined it with a blanket-type fabric from my stash.

It's very voluminous, so maybe not flattering, and I have no illusions that it's period accurate, but I will be warm! (And yes, I know the string on the muff probably isn't period either.)

Here is the web page for my costume construction details and more photos:

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