Friday, March 25, 2011

Pink Striped Linen Anglaise

Most of my gowns are fancy, and I don't have many that are more "every day". And that's ok, I'm not a re-enactor, I'm about swanning around in silk gowns with friends. :-)  But since my friends and I were going to Fort Fred in 2010, I did want something a little less "ball gown".  Once again, I used fabric that L gave me, a pink striped linen.  (She's given me the best fabric!)

Here is the web page for the costume, but there's not a ton of details on it.

Here I am wearing my Patriot hat, and a cap I bought on etsy.

Then I bought a new hat at Fort Fred! (I couldn't resist!)  And the fichu was made by the talented Bjarne/tailordrews.  I just tucked it into my gown to keep it on.

After Fort Fred, I trimmed the gown to make it a little less plain. I also made a striped petticoat to go with it.  At Fort Fred I just wore a plain white linen one.


  1. Absolutely love this. i've wanted to do a robe a l'anglaise for years (I tried one years ago, but I know so much more now!)

  2. Thanks! I actually find them pretty easy now and I can whip them off. It definitely helps to have a pattern that works for you!